Saturday, February 20, 2010

Say it again... and again...

I kept Myles most of the time this past week. There was a lot going on and it was just better for him to stay here. My husband was out of town and so it was just me and the boys. Cyan is 14 and pretty much hibernates in his room most of the time and we didn't  have school this week due to winter break. It was a hard week and I was exhausted and ready for a break, but I have to say that after the first couple of days he wasn't screaming as often and seemed to be much better behaved. I really think that he just needs more consistency and an intensely structured routine in order to get his behavior under control. The problem is that he is going in so many different directions it is almost impossible to keep things consistent.  He is spending the weekend with his dad and so I am sure that Monday will be a "start again" day. Daddy loves him, but it is very much a lets just play and have fun situation when he is with him. Maybe this weekend will be different. Mom and dad are tired of me stressing structure and schedule so they just tune me out now for the most part. I get the "I know, I know, keep him on his schedule"  whenever I try to remind them. There is also the "keep him on his diet and don't forget his vitamins" reminder. I feel like a Drill Sargent sometimes or maybe a broken record is a better reference. And then of course there is me telling Myles over and over again throughout the day, "please don't poke your eyes" and "please use your inside voice" or "please don't scream Myles". Now he has begun to put his fingers in his own ears before he screams. At least there wrong with his intelligence. He also learned several new phrases this week, he had now added to his repertoire, "go night-night" and "good job".  But his favorite repetitive phrase is still "go outside, go bye-bye" he says it 20 or more times a day, over and over and over. So, I guess we are both broken records. LOL! Maybe it will warm up soon and we can spend more time outside and he can scream to his hearts content or till his voice gives out, whichever comes first.


  1. It must be so frustrating Karen having to tell your daughter what is so obvious Myles needs. I hope things go better this weekend and you can get the rest you need! Hugs and prayers...Susan

  2. Thanks, Susan, it has actually been blessedly peaceful and I am renewed and refreshed for the week ahead.